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You Were Made For This

Kelsey Lynn Weiss
October 26, 2023

When learning about the new identity and calling that the Lord has placed you in is an exciting, fascinating, and terrifying thing. All wrapped into one, it is ever-changing and ever-growing, leaving you in awe of God’s detailed design. For me, becoming a wife and mother has forever been my dream since I’ve been a little girl. And while I love it beyond words, my goodness is it truly humbling. Days you feel on top of the world, others you feel like your barely coming up for air. It is amazing how quickly from moment to moment you can feel the drastic shift from utter confidence to momentary defeat.

With every new birth and chapter started, there is a sense of rebirth and fresh start to the next journey. When you become a wife, your priorities shift to merge you and your partner’s lives together as one. You become a team, supporting and caring for one another deeply. Then, when you decide to grow your family, your lives are quickly flipped upside-down, in the best way possible, to take care of a life that the Lord has gifted to you.

That little miracle is dependent on you in a way unlike ever before. The weight of responsibility is heavy, but the love for the babe you and your love have brought into the world is indescribable. Now I have a better taste of the Father’s love for His children, His love is truly unlike any other. 

Your new identity and calling may be different than being a wife or stepping into motherhood, it may be one of obtaining new leadership, fostering new friendships, becoming a mentor, or being an opposing voice among the masses. Whatever your new calling may be, take time to praise God for the constant and steady reminders He has for you each and every day. 

Listen to Him as He says,

“You were made for this.”
“I am the one who made you in My image.”
“You were designed with intention.”
“Nothing surprises Me.”
“You were created to see this through.”
“Remain faithful, I will not let you drown.”

Cling to these promises when other noises try to drown out God’s voice. Let His song be the loudest, remaining to be true in you heart and mind. When you take time to remember God’s faithfulness and calling on your life, you will continue to gain the strength to carry on and make it through the adverse times. He has not brought you this far to see you drown. He has created you with intention and purpose.

Christ has made you new in Him. He has called you a new creation, His precious child and heir to the Kingdom.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

You were made for more. You were called to live with purpose. You were given a new name. A new name in Christ; fresh and lathered with abundance. The best days are both now and the ones ahead.

Remember the calling God gave Moses to lead His people out of Egypt, or the calling placed on the Prophet Elijah, even in his midst of trials, rejection, and crying out to God, he remained faithful to His father. Or recall the responsibility God gave Esther to lead in a time of political and social unrest. Mary was called to become the mother of The Most High out of a miracle when many would not believe because the Baby was considered out of wedlock. Paul, once named Saul, was given a new identity and purpose to advocate and spur others on for the Christian Kingdom. And the list goes on and on.

These few examples of men and women who were called higher to serve a purpose beyond themselves faced trials of their own, but God never left their side.

So now it’s your turn to jump into the uncharted waters. The journey ahead may be no easy feat, but you will be better for it. In the celebratory and daunting times, take time to thank Jesus for these days and these opportunities.

For these are the days that get to be your greatest and most wild adventure yet.