Book Club

Author Kelly Minter describes her new cookbook A Place At The Table to Milk and Honey Magazine, detailing healthy recipes and stories about how community around the table can be Christ-honoring and fruitful!

A Place At The Table

I'm sure we can all agree some of our favorite memories often revolve around soaking up community with our loved ones over inviting, delicious, and nourishing meals. And guess what, darlin'? We've found just the girl who can make those nights even sweeter! Allow us to introduce... bestselling author Kelly Minter! How so, you ask? Through her latest book — A Place At The Table. And today, sweet girl, we're pullin' up a chair at hers!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with author Catherine Parks on book empowered - point middle and high school girls to Jesus through faith, worth, confidence, and strength

Empowering Our Girls

It's hard for girls these days, huh? Middle and high schools are overflowing with insecurity, strained confidence, and the loss of worth, with only one cure – feeling empowered through Christ.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Kaitlin Wernet, author of The Book of Comforts, on finding peace when experiencing a family death or tragic loss. There is hope for you!

Finding Hope In Loss

Chances are at least once in your life you’ve come head-to-head with a difficult experience that has overwhelmed your heart with grief. For some people, forever grief is engrained in their lives and part of their overall identity.

If you’ve sought out books to serve you, you’ve probably been very disappointed! Grief books are usually grey in color and the cover is saturated with perceived sadness. Grief is awkward and people on both ends do not always know how to process it.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with authors Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on their new Christian book, A Love Letter Life!

A Love Letter Life

More than 2.3 million people watched Jeremy and Audrey Roloff get married on TLC’s hit show “Little People, Big World,” and their love story has captivated countless audiences ever since.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with author Kennesha Buycks on her new Christian home remodeling book 'Restoration House.'

Making A House A Home

We all want our homes to feel like a safe haven, am I right? Home is meant to be a place to belong; place to gather and connect. A place of beauty. A place to restore your soul.

Creating a restored home—the kind that you and your loved ones want to return to again and again—is as much about making everyone who enters feel cared for and comfortable as it is about creating a beautiful space.

Milk and Honey Magazine's secret to unlocking fears: trusting Christ! Article on author Scarlet Hiltibidal's new book!

No Longer Afraid

What does the gospel say about your fears? What does it say about the irrational ones, like sinkholes in the Target parking lot? How does it speak to the rational ones, like pet scan predictions? And does the gospel have a word for the fears you feel you'll have for life, like the possibility of losing the one you love most?

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Christian author of Into The Deep, Lauren Gaskill, on overcoming anxiety, hardship, and stress.

Finding Faith In Deep Waters

Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel that we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters.

Milk and Honey Magazine book review on love story novel Catching Christmas - a Christian book for young and old women alike!

Catching Christmas

There's just nothing better than cozying up on a chilly December evening with hot cocoa and a good read. Right, ladies? Well - why don't we have a book club, shall we? If you provide the blankets and cocoa (with extra marshmallows, please), I'll provide the novel: Catching Christmas!

Milk and Honey Magazine author interview with Stephanie Jones about the importance for young women to give/love in a Christ-like way!

The Giving Challenge

Leaving an extra tip for the waitress, bringing cookies for the office, volunteering at a local church, donating clothes to a shelter, writing a letter to a relative, buying coffee for a friend, promoting a friend's blog...

Milk and Milk and Honey Magazine chat with the founder of the The Better Mom blog, Ruth Schwenk, about her new Christian devotional to overcome mom guilt!

Basking in Motherhood

"Am I too lenient? Too strict? Could I do better to protect, teach, or guide my children? Am I enough?"