Milk and Honey Magazine article with Miss Wisconsin USA pageant winner Skylar on beauty advice, fashion tips, and confidence!

Miss Wisconsin USA

Paige Weslaski

Having spent a significant amount of time with Skylar Witte, I give you my word she is no ordinary woman. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous (I mean, just look at her!), but she's very sweet and has quite the contagious laugh. She's uplifting, wears her smile like it's going out of style, and has a strong passion for pursuing her dreams.

Skylar is poised and chic - think Grace Kelly - but also has a modern day edge.

Representing as 2017's Miss Wisconsin USA, Skylar was kind enough to take time away from her crazy busy schedule to chat with M&H.

Meet Skylar Witte! ❤

Milk and Honey Magazine article with Miss Wisconsin USA pageant winner Skylar on beauty advice, fashion tips, and confidence!

♕ Describe the moment you were crowned!

The moment I was crowned Miss Wisconsin USA was completely surreal. There were so many different emotions flooding me at once, I was so grateful, excited and speechless. I don’t know if I could ever fully put into words what it felt like when the crown was placed on my head and I heard Denise (the emcee) say “your new Miss Wisconsin USA is Skylar Witte”. I’m still stunned

♚ How are you preparing for Miss USA?

My focus in preparing for Miss USA is being my best version of myself. In the three months that I have had this title I have already learned so much about myself and others. My focus is speaking to middle school students and doing as many appearances around my state as possible. What better preparation could there be for Miss USA? She travels and speaks to so many audiences. That is what I am concentrating on. I want to be ready for the job, because it is a big one. When it comes to Miss USA I want to represent Wisconsin and Skylar Witte to the best of my ability, and take the opportunity to connect with 50 other remarkable women from across the country. 

♔ How do you stay in such good shape? What does your nutrition look like?

For me staying in shape is all about keeping my workouts fresh and fun. I love zumba, yoga, really any group fitness classes. With a very crazy schedule it’s important that I block off time each day to fit in my workouts, scheduling is a huge part of my life in many different aspects. As for nutrition I have always been pretty healthy, but I have been learning a lot lately about the food pyramid and balancing out proteins, fruits, veggies, etc.

♕ What does faith mean to you? 

Faith in my life is two-fold, my faith with God and the belief that he is responsible for all the opportunities I have been given and the faith that I have within myself to see the opportunities and seize them!

Milk and Honey Magazine article with Miss Wisconsin USA pageant winner Skylar on beauty advice, fashion tips, and confidence!

♔ Five years from now?

I hope that this experience allows me to make the kind of impact that others notice in the world, I believe part of this journey with the crown will allow me to find where that impact will be the greatest. I have always held the dream of law school and fighting for victims’ rights in my heart but I know there are a million ways to share my voice and the voice of those who need it most. 

♕ Advice to your 15 year old self? 

If there is anything I could say to my 15 year old self, it would be to always stay true to yourself and be your biggest advocate. I, just like many young women out there, really struggled with self-confidence and finding myself at this age. It is such a delicate time and such an easy time to lose sight of yourself and your goals as you try to fit in. I think it’s so important for young girls to remember that they are in complete control of their own future and at the end of the day if the popular girl didn’t sit at your lunch table, it will be okay.

♚ Advice for women who want to compete in their local Miss USA pageant?

DO IT. Competing in Miss Wisconsin Teen USA and Miss Wisconsin USA literally changed my life. I found a new sense of confidence but I also learned what it means to embrace myself and be proud of that. Pageants help you to grow your speaking skills, confidence, and build lifelong friendships. The crown is the least important thing that I have gained from my journey and that’s the 100% truth.

♕ Favorite experience so far as Miss Wisconsin USA?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one. I have been so fortunate in the past three month to do over 50 appearances, each one unique and each one a blast. I think for me one of the highlights was at a middle school visit in Amery, Wisconsin. Before I presented to the school at a pep assembly the band told me they had a surprise, they played On Wisconsin (my school song at UW Madison). They had learned the song just for me and I was so honored. It took my breath away and was more emotional than I would have imagined.

♔ Favorite fashion trend you're currently loving?

I love all of the trends that are coming back! Chokers, bomber jackets, and mom jeans are essentials for me. And it’s great because I’m able to steal them right from my mom’s high school wardrobe.

Milk and Honey Magazine article with Miss Wisconsin USA pageant winner Skylar on beauty advice, fashion tips, and confidence!

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