Following Jesus Christ is the best way to find happiness. Enjoy our Milk and Honey Magazine article explaining the secret to being happy!

Why "Doing You" ≠ Happiness

Happiness; a word that holds so much meaning, yet people spend their entire life endlessly searching for anything that will fill them with that warm fuzzy feeling. At times, happiness can be found, but always temporarily, waxing and waning like the moon, never to stay in one place for long. How can one find true everlasting happiness?

Milk and Honey Magazine - you thought God told you something but the promise didn't happen? Learn to trust Jesus even when seasons don't go how you expected, princess.

"But God Told Me So"

I was crazy about him.  I had never met someone who understood me so well, who loved God so passionately.  Everything about it was perfect.  But we broke up, and now I’m so confused.  God kept giving me all these little signs—like everything about it was right—and I was so sure he was going to be the one.

So why didn’t it happen?

Reading through the email from a blog reader, I nodded along—because I understood the spot she was in all too well.  I’ve been there.

Milk and Honey Magazine's four tips for young women to grow their self confidence. Our advice includes caring less about what others think and clinging to JESUS, pretty girl!

Growing Your Self-Confidence

When we first begin our relationship with God, it’s amazing how the Holy Spirit becomes our guide and teaches us how to become more like Him. For me, I never realized how much I lacked self-confidence until God started to reveal my identity in Him. I am still learning what it means to live and walk in freedom, but I’ve learned a few life lessons along the way about how to be my true self or my Christ-confident self.

Milk and Honey Magazine tips on combining social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it) and Jesus Christ!

Staying Rooted in ✝ on Social Media

The Lord speaks about living truthfully and full of praise, and social media is a wonderful avenue to share His love. I definitely want to note that I am not an expert – I have many imperfections, I am so hard on myself at times, and I am always learning, but I pray we can take these truths and wisdom from our Creator into our day to day, and even tuck them in our back pocket for when we need a reminder in the incredible days to come that He's paved before us.

Enjoy these tips to keep Christ at the forefront online and in "real life!"

Milk and Honey Magazine article on how Sundays are a day to rest, relax, read Scripture, and find peace!

Sundays = Rest Days

I struggle with the whole concept of "rest."

I'm one to want to keep going all the time and do multiple things in order to busy my mind, in order to not slip into thoughts the enemy so plentifully floods my brain with. Much like Parks and Rec's beloved Chris Traeger says; "if I keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair" - I can't say I'm as dramatic and grandiose as Mr. Traeger, but I very much relate to what he says here. 

Securely His ☝

Right around seventh grade is when the voice of “you’re not good enough” began to whisper in my ear.  It came through comments and snickers of fellow classmates and sometimes even people I considered friends. Comments like, “she’s ugly,” “her nose is too big,” and “she dresses funny” began to tarnish what I thought about myself. The voice was persistent enough that I began to believe what other people thought about me, and gave into the pressure of wanting to be liked at any cost.

Call It What You Want ♬

Taylor Swift released another single from her new album a few weeks ago. The song Call It What You Want is about her relationship with her boyfriend, explaining how he makes her feel special and loved. He doesn't care about her reputation, and he loves her just as she is.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains that reading the Bible, praying, having like-minded friends, and making a vision board will lead to encouragement and LIFE abundant!

Staying Encouraged

We’ve all heard these responses before: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” or “don’t cry over spilled milk” — yea, because normal people cry over things like that. Without much thought, we anticipate that the response (when we share our struggles) will be “it’ll get better,” “pray about it,” or “God’s going to work it out." But sometimes words just aren’t enough when you’re feeling discouraged or down!

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the Bible book of Esther and how we can learn to trust God just like Esther did through courage, faith, and Christian friends.

"Such A Time As This"

Have you ever felt yourself at the right place at the right time?

Where you knew without a doubt that God was behind the scenes strategically opening doors to help you fulfill His purpose for your life?

You can clearly see the hand of God in the book of Esther when she became Queen and was faced with helping to save her people, the Jews, from being annihilated by the King’s head-honcho, Haman.

Milk and Honey Magazine: Jesus can fill that loneliness, sadness, and emptiness, gorgeous girl. God loves you and will make you feel whole, worthy, and beautiful.

To The Girl Who Feels Empty

Hey friend, I know that things are hard right now. You feel lost and directionless. You feel lonely and unwanted. You project a strong, organized exterior, showing everyone how you have it all together, but when you take down those walls at night, you feel heavy and sad. 

And it's left a gaping hole inside of you. You've convinced yourself that as soon as that hole is filled, you'll be invincible; no one and no thing will be able to break you. But nothing can break you now, either, because you already feel broken.