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In All Things, Give Thanks

Early one morning, I found myself flipping through Paul’s letters to the church. As I thumbed through his books, I noticed a pattern. In each introduction, he expressed praise to the Lord and extended thankfulness to everyone he addressed. See below:

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My Grace Is Sufficient

With the monopoly of social media in our society, it's easy for us to compare ourselves to both strangers and friends on the internet. We see pictures of thin, perfectly-polished young women laughing at parties, becoming engaged to Prince Charming, flashing their abs at the gym, winning the next Miss-(insert state) title...

And then we see ourselves.

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Keeping Faith Exciting

I was recently watching a video in my church house group about a woman struggling with her marriage. One of the most notable things she shared was how she had gotten “bored with God."

It struck me because I was shocked by the idea that anyone could be bored with God! This is the same God that created the universe, sent his son down from Heaven and sent a shockwave through the world with the resurrection. Who could be bored with that?! Yet, faith is not really exciting for people anymore. And, frankly, I can see why.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with actress Taylor Kalupa about her time filming the Christian movie I'm Not Ashamed, in theaters everywhere in one week! The movie follows a Columbine shooting victim who wasn't afraid to stand up for her faith in Jesus Christ.

I'm Not Ashamed

I'm Not Ashamed is an upcoming 2016 drama film based on the journals of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Columbine, Colorado. Although the tragedy was obviously somber and dark, young Rachel's faith shed light on the truth of Jesus's love, peace, and sovereignty. Milk and Honey Magazine was lucky enough to interview Taylor Kalupa, a gorgeous actress who played Gabby in the film!

Milk and Honey Magazine's special blog post from Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries explaining how to overcome loneliness with God's help! Trust in Jesus!

Lysa TerKeurst: Uninvited

There were many feelings I expected to have at a conference I’d been looking forward to attending. Acceptance. Fun. Camaraderie. On paper, these were my people. They lead organizations. I lead an organization. They are vulnerable. I am vulnerable. Like me, they know the stresses of deadlines, trying to balance kids with ministry, and the nagging sense that we should keep hidden the fact that we have the pizza delivery place on speed dial.

Milk and Honey Magazine reveals how the desires of your heart to want a relationship are natural and normal! Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart!

The Desires of Your ❤

Have you ever seen a piece of satire that hits a little too close to home? One of my friends recently sent me this excerpt from a young, married, Christian blogger.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains how God can turn a boring life into a fun, exciting life! Just trust in Jesus!

A Vibrant Life

Is life becoming bland? Are you sick of mercilessly going through the motions of a daily routine? Do you miss the vibrancy of childhood; running freely during kindergarden recess? Playing with blocks and building castles? Playing princess with your besties outside amongst the trees? Making “houses” out of leaves during autumn, and snow angels during the winter snow season?

Milk and Honey Magazine encourages readers to choose a missional word to serve as their focus for the year. Restore, peace, joy, gentleness; anything that points to Jesus Christ!

A Missional Word

Restore. What does that word stir up in you? For my husband and me, it was the missional word for our home last year. Yep, you heard right- we had a mission in the first year of marriage. During the first month of marriage, my husband and I realized our mutual desire to serve people through the gift of our home. I am the visionary out of the two of us—others may call this the idealistic dreamer.

Milk and Honey Magazine's insight on worshipping God alone.

Worship Gone Wrong

Finding security in oneself is a tricky thing to do. As humans, we are always falling down. When I look back on some of my experiences both in my personal life, and as someone who mentors and counsels others, I see a theme throughout humanity: we try to rely solely on ourselves and we never have enough strength, enough forgiveness, and ultimately we are always slaves to our own devices.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.

Mrs. Wisconsin

It's no question that Britani D'Alie is strikingly beautiful. When D'Alie walks (or glides, rather) into a room, eyes tend to linger a while on the tall, gorgeous blonde.

D'Alie was crowned Mrs. Wisconsin 2015, filling her agenda with appearances, parades, banquets, and events. She competed in Mrs. United States in Las Vegas and won the title of second-runner-up against all fifty women.