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Does What I Believe Really Matter?

Does what I believe in really make a difference?

When reading this question, your immediate response, as a Christian, will most probably be an enthusiastic: Yes. Of course!

First, I agree with you. Second, let’s dig deeper. Because I think the answer to this question will prove itself vital and inherent to the way we continue to live our lives.

Milk and Honey Magazine - if you're waiting for a marriage, a job, a house, a college acceptance, whatever - trust in God. If you're waiting for a husband, boyfriend, job, or children,, Jesus is preparing you, princess!

If You're Waiting, God Is Preparing You

It’s no secret, being humans, that we were born impatient. We want what we want, and we want it now. We hate lines, we hate waiting for packages to arrive in the mail after a day of exciting online shopping, and we hate waiting for the clock to hit 5 o’clock to go home after a long day of work. Whether we hide it well it or not, we all know waiting is hard.

American Idol finalist and Miss America finalist Jasmine Murray, Christian singer featured on K-Love, explains her dreams, goals, and advice to her younger self!

Living Fearless

Best known for her powerhouse vocals as a finalist in season eight of “American Idol,” Jasmine Murray was named Miss Mississippi and placed top 10 in Miss America 2015. Now at 26, she’s inspiring audiences not only with her fresh pop sound but with a profound message of hope as an artist and songwriter.

“I feel like I'm on a journey, and it’s a privilege to be able to share that with people,” she says. “I know this is my purpose. I'm where I’m supposed to be. I want to reach people with the message God’s given me.”

Milk and Honey Magazine article about finding faith in God when times get tough. Trust in Jesus to steady you and calm your anxiety!

Delayed But Not Denied

I’ve failed more than a couple of tests over the years because my faith and trust in God was sub-par.

My response to uncomfortable situations was running for the first exit sign or kicking and screaming, figuratively of course. I’ve missed the opportunity to grow in my faith so many times and with that I've struggled with having a joyful heart no matter what is going on in my life.

Milk and Honey Magazine - through difficult times of testing and struggle, Jesus is with you. You are never alone, darling girl. God has a plan to get you through it stronger than before!

When Times Get Hard

Have you felt like throwing in the towel?

Wondering if you’ve missed it because nothing worthwhile seems to be happening anymore? 

Have you ever felt everything was going opposite the Lord’s promises?

These tough times, when we don't know if we'll make it through, are the times when our true motives and resolve are tested. What is truly in our hearts is brought to the surface and God wants to bring beauty out of the ashes.

Milk and Honey Magazine - while we can struggle with anxiety, stress, or self-worth problems, GOD is our all-in-all. Jesus provides rest, which is exactly what we likely need.

30 Seconds to Stillness

We all have those times and seasons in our lives that we just don't seem to get. Where we ask: "What are you doing Lord? How does this fit into anything?"

It just feels hard and frustrating and often we feel overlooked and forgotten.

In reality, God has heard all our prayers and perhaps this time of stillness and isolation is not a lack of answers, but perhaps - the exact answer to what we have prayed for. 

Miracles Still Happen

We've all read about the miracles Jesus performed in the New Testament, from raising the dead and healing the sick to opening hearts and curing disease. Jesus healed promiscuously - meaning He healed everyone who asked and believed, no matter who they were or what they'd done.

In today's world, however, healings and miracles are often deemed as nonexistant. We assume God's ear has grown dull and His power has grown dim. Yet the same God who healed 2,000 years ago STILL  lives today, and miracles STILL happen minute-by-minute.

Milk and Honey Magazine, an online Christian magazine for young women, describes the importance of trusting in God to find your 'calling' and not to stress about it!

Pursuing Your Calling

We spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to figure out what we are "called" to do.

It can be a real source of anxiety, stress or pressure either to figure out what we are meant to be doing or figuring out how we are supposed to go about doing that thing. We see other people seemingly effortlessly gliding into their ministry spots while we may feel like we are fumbling around in a dark room.

Spiritual Coma < His Love

There are times, as young women, when we just 'go with the flow' and follow the World (and more than likely that "flow" is not of God or from God) and we get lost.

Milk and Honey Magazine. You, pretty girl, are a daughter of Jesus Christ. Find encouragement knowing how loved and special you are in God's eyes!

You Are Enough - A Brief Encouragement

My friend, why do you get so distracted by all you are not or don't have? My friend, why are you trying to build your self-image from the opinions of others? My friend, why do you have so much fear of what others think? My friend, why do you let that person define your worth?

You are much more. You are enough.