Milk and Honey Magazine explains how social media can hinder a strong, fulfilling prayer life with God for young women. Get off Facebook and get your head in THE Book (the Bible)!

Is Social Media Ruining Your Prayer Life?

I am a huge procrastinator! Often, I know I need to be doing something right then and the next thing I know, I’ve turned my attention to something else. This has been a downfall in my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. A lot of my procrastinating has to do with... you guessed it: social media.

In my five years of being saved, this has been an issue the entire time. It leaves me with a guilty feeling. Perhaps it’s God telling me to buckle down and open my Bible! 

The Joys of Easter

My favorite thing about Easter when I was little wasn’t looking for eggs on Sunday, but finding them unexpectedly once Easter was over. In my family, there always seemed to be a few eggs that the Easter bunny hid so stealthily that they were forgotten about until you went to use your spring jacket or opened up the cupboard for cleaning supplies. I even remember one time being ecstatic when I found a blue egg in my polar-bear purse in August.

Milk and Honey Magazine reasons to marry your ministry - dive into the life God has granted you TODAY, girl!

Marry Your Ministry

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was told to 'marry my ministry.' Now, a year later, I finally understand its meaning - all due to studying the Biblical book of Ruth, chock full of principles every 'single' gal needs to hear while waiting for the man God has for them.

Milk and Honey magazine ideas to have a simpler, calmer, less anxious life!

A Simpler Life

I want to live a simpler life.

One where I’m not constantly diverting my eyes to the screen of a device that fits in the palm of my hand. One where I’m not pressuring myself to find words of greatness before I can pen them onto a page. One where I’m not left searching for connectivity in a blur of online perfectionism. One where I can be content in the everyday moments, instead of in searching for greater and bigger and better.

All For Him

I've been a Christian for seven years.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age twenty, having just sat through a Sunday night chapel service my sorority sister invited me to at Pepperdine University. I remember the night perfectly; it was as if the scales fell off my eyes and I could see clearly for the first time – God was actually real.

Milk and Honey Magazine - free yourself of your sins and regret - pursue the loving grace of Jesus Christ!

Shedding Shame, Embracing Grace

It’s a misconception that we need to plumb the depths of our own sin to understand the depth of God’s love and grace. It’s a lie. The love of God was present and inherent in man’s relationship with Him before sin entered the world. He established covenant relationships with his people throughout human history to demonstrate his longing for reconciliation.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to overcome feeling depressed and overwhelmed at rock bottom through trusting in God's love, dear girl!

Hitting Rock Bottom

I was supposed to write this article weeks ago. It’s been a hard year for me. Yes, you read that right. We’re two months in, and I am struggling. I’m trying to accept that this is a season of wrestling with the Lord. 2018 went that way. 2019 seems to be headed in the same direction.

It scares me a little bit, to be wrestling. I want to have the answers. I’m the “Christian” friend in a lot of spaces. That means people want to know what I think. They look to me for wisdom. And right now, I really don’t feel like I have any to offer.

The Ultimate Planner

I’m a planner.

My favorite time of the year is at Christmas when I specifically ask for only one gift: a customized, Erin Condren Life Planner. Call me a nerd or an overachieving student, but when I have that planner with me, I am invincible.

Milk and Honey Magazine article - God's truth is important, but so is His GRACE! Find peace in His grace, darling, and don't overburden yourself with stress and anxiety!

Meeting God's Compassion

If you would have met me last year, you'd have called me a fairly compassionate, caring person. I went above and beyond to meet the need's of everyone I knew. But I came to realize, although it's GOOD to go above and beyond for people, I wasn't doing it for the right reasons. I was serving to the point that I was getting anxious and burnt out. And why was I overburdening myself to the point of physical stress? Because I thought I had to EARN God's love.

Milk and Honey Magazine - graduating can be stressful, but reading the Bible and rest in Jesus can guide your path and ease your worry!

Post-Grad Comfort in Christ

Graduating from college can bring upon a plethora of changes to a person’s life; interviewing for jobs, applying to graduate school, relocating, finding new roommates, moving to a new apartment, buying a car, paying back student loans, and the list could go on. Obviously this list differs from person to person, but without a doubt every person’s life will be different in some way or another as a post-grad.