Milk and Honey Magazine love and relationships advice on how to make a man fall in love. Let men do the chasing and keep them at arms length! Trust in Jesus, babygirl.

How to Pursue a Man

Standing in the Whole Foods check out line to pay for my already half-gone kombucha tea, I flipped through a popular women's lifestyle magazine. "Read on for tips to make him fall madly in love with you!" The article explained how men are easily manipulated with the right tactics. I was instructed to find my prey and work my magic using the fool-proof tips in the $3.99 love manual.

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Where To Invest Your ♥

I think, for a long time, I got lost in someone else. When you let someone become your entire world, it feels like your world has ended when they leave it. I’m not going to let that happen to me anymore. Because I don’t want someone to become my world. Instead, I want to share my world with someone…someday.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains to young women why singleness is a gift! God just hasn't brought your Mr. Right yet, lovely girl. Trust in Jesus and HAVE SOME FUN with your girlfriends!

Being Single >

I complain all the time about being single. How lonely it is, how annoying it is to not have a dance partner, how sad I feel when I just want to curl up on the couch in the arms of someone who loves me to vent about my day. I see the perfect Instagram picture of a beautiful couple often times reading their bible, sipping on coffee, or working out together with the hashtag #relationshipgoals stamped in a comment, and it sucks every time.

Milk and Honey Magazine describes how "almost relationships" almost always end badly. Wait for a man who pursues you, darling, just as Jesus Christ pursued the church. You are worthy, beautiful girl.

"Almost" Relationships

“Almost relationships” can hurt just as bad when they end as real ones. The last few months I’ve been reading blog after blog about “almost relationships," clicking on them every time they would pop up on my newsfeed and although I was in one, I never thought mine would end up like it did for these girls.

Milk and Honey Magazine relationship advice for young women. Love yourself, God, and others! Find your passions!

Pre-Relationship Advice

Before I met my fiancé, I dated a few guys in college who just weren’t right for me. There were highs and lows, and during the low times, I could never understand why things weren’t working out. Looking back, there were a lot of things about myself back then that I am not proud of. Sometimes it seems that I am a completely different person from the person I was five years ago. The person whom I am now is very independent, knows what she wants, and has grown up… A LOT.

Beyond the First Year

Finding Prince Charming can be exhilarating. First is the dating life where both parties are on their best behavior, dates last for hours, and you can never seem to get enough of one another. Next, is the proposal, where he pops the big question; you are filled with excitement and joy at finding your true love and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you as well. The engagement is filled with planning. Planning your life together, your wedding, and your collaborative dreams as a couple.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to get over Mr. Right and find the husband God has for you in HIS timing! You are a princess, darling girl!

Getting Over Mr. Wrong

Breakups are hard…even the ones that we know are literally the best thing for us. And as we fight like hell to move on, we come upon the golden question…

“I know he was bad for me, so why do I still feel so deeply for him? Why do I still love him? I thought once I got back on track with the Lord, I wouldn’t desire him anymore…but the feelings just continue to increase-growing stronger and stronger.How long will I fight these feelings? I left him in the past, but he is still present in my heart.”

Milk and Honey Magazine knows that singleness can be a sweet time. Enjoy time with your friends, get in the Word of God, and enjoy life, sweetie!

A Season of Singleness

To my fellow single sisters, do you have a case of the winter blues? As we transition from fall to winter, some of us begin to grow as bitter as the frigid winter air. Fortunately for you, I have your solution. All you need is a perspective as fresh as falling snow…and maybe some Vitamin D.  Although winter brings frost bite, alternate side parking, and an increased utility bill, it also brings twinkle lights, the best shopping deals of the year, and Michael Bublé songs on the radio. Our stubbornness and negativity, often times, hinder us from enjoying the season.

Milk and Honey Magazine date ideas

Seventy-Five Dates

Relationship psychologists suggest that dates are not only a nice-to-have, but they're critical. Especially throughout marriage when time for dating grows scarce, it's more important than ever to carve out time to focus completely on each other, whether every few days, once a week, or every two weeks. But what does a date refer to, exactly? While many assume it means the little-black-dress and suit-and-tie out to dinner, that doesn't always have to be the case!

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the signs you have found mr. wrong. There are too many great men to settle for a loser; find a man who loves Jesus and makes you the best version of yourself!

Signs He's Mr. Wrong

There are too many great guys out there to settle for a manipulative jerk... or even to settle for someone who isn’t a loser, but is just filling up a spot until you meet the right guy. That’s not fair to anyone, especially the nice guy who thinks you like him when you really don’t. Wondering if you need to head for the hills? If the following descriptions remind you of your relationship, it might not be a relationship worth having.