Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to read the Bible so it speaks straight to your heart through the words of Jesus!

Becoming Proverbs 31

Growing up, I always felt the need to have a boyfriend. Once I accepted Christ as my personal Savior three years ago, I took the plunge and decided to try my hand at living the single life with a single focus: Jesus.

MIlk and Honey Magazine explains how young women don't need to advertise themselves. Leave it to Jesus!

Don't Advertise Yourself!

"Godly women could care less if a man overlooked them. They don't jump in every guys face to be noticed. You'll never see diamonds on commercials begging for sales. When you know your worth, you understand you don't have to chase behind anyone. She will stand out to the person who can handle that blessing." - Tovares Grey

I was recently told an interesting fact: Rolls Royce does not advertise.

Milk and Honey Magazine interviews two bachelors on want they want in a wife!

Godly Bachelors

Our staff at M&H often hear women ask: Where are all the nice, dateable guys hiding? Where are the Godly men, the men we want to lead us and our future homes?!

Just because we can't see the resources around us doesn't mean God can't step in and make something magical happen. Even when there's no door to open, God opens the door!