Girlfriend’s Guide to Football Sunday

Whether you’re watching football curled up on your couch all Sunday long, or getting dressed up in the appropriate colors to cheer on your team at a playoff game; football seems to be an underlining theme of this season. It really is a game of strategy, teamwork, and comradery; aspects I truly love. However some things are just darn confusing, so I’m here with a timeout card, ready to break down the essence of football with our Girlfriend’s Guide to Football Sunday. 

31 Ways To Make Him Smile

How many of you absolutely swoon and go weak at the knees every time your husband smiles? Well, I do. Not to brag or anything - except I totally am - but Derek was in fact voted best smile in high school. He was also voted best dressed, and while he does have a versatile and head turning sense of style that perfectly flatters his athletic physique - his smile is the best thing he wears. I mean come on, look at him, people!

Milk and Honey Magazine's 20 ways to love your husband through knowing his love language, not complaining, and loving him in a Christlike way!

Loving Your Husband

We say “I love you” to our spouses often, but actions speak louder than words. It’s much easier to say I love you than to show it. When thinking of ways you can love your husband, you’ll want to think first “what is his love language?” Here is an article that explains the love languages in depth.

Milk and Honey Magazine's tips for a successful marriage. What do you wish you knew before you were married?

What I Wish I Knew About Marriage

While marriage can be a lifelong celebration, it also comes with much work and humility, all the while tightly bound with constant learning. My husband Derek and I have been together for four years, and I’ve collected these truths through a ton of reading, learning from people who have thriving and God honoring marriages, and let's face it, lots of trial and error – I can’t make this stuff up, people! But they’re practical, wise, and simply put - they work.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice for single women and men to wait on the future spouse God has for them! Jesus is in control of your passions, desires, and future marriage!

The Single Season

Singleness has never been my favorite season and I am still trying to figure it out. I am twenty-five years old. I have had my share of bad toads. I have been on and off in relationships. I have pined over past relationships and cried over the loss of men who left me.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains what love truly means in a marriage: love means faith, patience, harmony, and Godliness!

What Love Truly Means

"You love so fully and completely. I have never been loved the way I'm loved by you. But what I love most about you, is your deep faith. Thank you sweetheart, for choosing me," Shruthi Parker's husband, Hank, shares at their wedding, tears glistening their eyes. Their wedding video depicts what marriage really means: the joining together of families, customs, and most importantly - faith. Shruthi shares the secret to a flourishing marriage:

Milk and Honey Magazine article by and for men: is she the one? How to know when and who to marry! Is she respectful, does she love God, and do you find her beautiful?

Is She The One? (For Guys)

I've always enjoyed freedom.

I've never been comfortable feeling confined or restricted. I have had a lot of priorities in my life that I have devoted my time to, whether that be to work, my studies, my relationship with God, friends, or time with my family.

Milk and Honey Magazine's list of articles, books, and quotes to help single women through a breakup or stress of singleness! Jesus has a plan to use your singleness, dear girl.

Singleness ≠ Loneliness

God created Eve at the perfect moment.

Adam was likely a bit lonely before meeting his bride, but God wanted enough time to cause his heart to yearn for Mrs. Right. During this period of Adam's singleness, God prepared him to be a stellar husband, with homework to name each animal and to grow acquainted with the Garden of Eden. Adam must have been so excited when his princess finally came!

Milk and Honey Magazine dishes on the pros and cons of online dating (Tinder, Bumble, etc) to find your dream man. We concluded to give God the reigns of your life and trust HIM to be your Bumble!

☜ Once Upon A Swipe ☞

For a long time, I refused to use online dating. I had this hopeless idea what it would look like when I met the guy I’d fall head over heels for. It would be a classic “meet-cute” where I’d meet him at a coffee shop or a record shop, although I don’t recall that I’ve ever even walked into a record shop. Or maybe a quaint, used bookstore (I don’t know why it’s a used bookstore and not Barnes & Noble or something). Nevertheless, we’d both reach for the last copy of the same novel, our hands would accidentally meet and sparks would fly.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice for all future brides and all women to encourage instead of compare. Jesus defines your worth, pretty girl!

As A Bride-To-Be ⚤

As a soon-to-be bride, my days are filled with so many magical moments. Moments where I feel the prettiest I’ve ever felt. I have never had such an intense plan for what I will look like on a single day in my entire life: facials, nails, hair, make up, lashes, teeth whitening, tanning, a workout regimen. Yikes, I get exhausted just typing all of that out and yet it’s all in the grand plan to look my best on our big day.