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New Mama Guide

I still remember the exact feeling I had when I looked down to read “Pregnant” on the pregnancy test I had just taken.

Milk and Honey Magazine describes how depression or anxiety can be used with both the love of Christ and proper care through outlets that can include therapy.

God Cares about Self-Care

Self-care. Noun. A balancing act in which one strives for total wellness in their mind, body, and soul.

Recently, I started going to therapy, and until today, I haven’t shared that with anyone except my mom, husband, and a few select friends. But, for the purposes of this article, I think it’s essential you know.

Milk and Honey Magazine - find joy in your routine of life, darling girl.

Joy In The Routine

I’m not sure when or how it happened, but I recently found myself in a quiet season. Following a busy and bustling summer of flip flops and sunscreen, the temperature began to drop, school started, and quickly I fell into my routine. I was surprised with how easily and comfortably my days regulated. And the days grew… quiet.

Suddenly the predictability worried me.

Milk and Honey Magazine - when being called fat while online dating, Morgan learned the importance of self-love for your body. You are not fat, you are beautiful.

Reclaiming The Word "Fat"

A few days ago I got bored so, as any twenty-something, single woman does, I opened one of the dating apps on my phone. As I looked over some of my matches I decided to send a message to Aaron*, a guy I had exchanged a few messages with previously, but actually hadn’t talked to in a few months. I sent him a light-hearted, witty message about the length of time it had been since we had communicated. He responded shortly after:

“That’s not funny but the fact that you’re fat is.” 

Milk and Honey Magazine creates the ultimate fall / autumn adventure list! Enjoy the fall season with these fun seasonal ideas, recipes, and adventures!

M&H Autumn Guide

Leaves determined to recalibrate their color, local cafes baking apple pies at assembly-line speed, and Ugg-boot donning teenage girls drowning in pumpkin spice, Autumn is just about here! Say hello to brisk weather, cozy Hallmark movies, and 4 hours of NFL-induced stress! With the closing of Labor Day weekend, school will be in session, Jack O' Lanterns will pop up on doorsteps, and pumpkin bread will become a new breakfast staple.

Milk and Honey Magazine first date questions to ask so you never have an awkward first date again!

40 Questions For a Perfect First Date

Your brother knows a guy with a cousin that would be perfect for you. You add each other on Facebook, send a couple messages planning to meet, and choose a time and location. Sound familiar?

You leave work a little early to recurl your hair, spray another spritz of perfume, and regloss your lips. You mentally prepare with a little Britney playing on your Pandora, telling yourself it'll be no big deal.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice for panic attacks, anxiety, and stress. Find peace in prayer, eating healthy, getting enough rest, and taking solitude for yourself!

Taming Anxiety

I had my first panic attack this last year. I didn’t know it was a panic attack at the time because this was something I had never experienced before. I was anxious about the situation I was in and felt my heart racing. I became dizzy, shaky, and it became hard to breathe. It was even scarier because I was driving on a highway in the middle of nowhere and had no cell reception where I was.

Luckily, after a rest, food, water, deep breathing and a lot of prayer, I made it safely to where I was going.

Milk and Honey Magazine, an online Christian magazine for young women, describes the importance of trusting in God to find your 'calling' and not to stress about it!

Pursuing Your Calling

We spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to figure out what we are "called" to do.

It can be a real source of anxiety, stress or pressure either to figure out what we are meant to be doing or figuring out how we are supposed to go about doing that thing. We see other people seemingly effortlessly gliding into their ministry spots while we may feel like we are fumbling around in a dark room.

Milk and Honey Magazine. You, pretty girl, are a daughter of Jesus Christ. Find encouragement knowing how loved and special you are in God's eyes!

You Are Enough - A Brief Encouragement

My friend, why do you get so distracted by all you are not or don't have? My friend, why are you trying to build your self-image from the opinions of others? My friend, why do you have so much fear of what others think? My friend, why do you let that person define your worth?

You are much more. You are enough.

Milk and Honey Magazine's advice by Christian fashion blogger Rachael on being creative with God's help. You, girl, are unique, special, and loved by Jesus! Shine for Him!

Creating For Him

The sun in the sky, the petal of a flower, the toes of a newborn baby, the waves of the sea, the chirping of birds. The world is a magnificent place filled with beautiful creations that all point to God’s creativity. You would have to really work hard to argue that our God is not a creative God. It is displayed everywhere we look, including in you and me.