Milk and Honey Magazine advice on how to trust Jesus with your future and dreams, pretty girl.

Taking 'WWJD' Literally

Many of the most exclusive, high-end, celebrity-clad resorts in the world all have something in common. They are located off the beaten path. And their advertising strategy? Not to.

With our present-day Babylon where people have "become like gods" to achieve total connection to anywhere, anytime (thanks to the computer/phone you're on right now), it's rather peculiar how those connected most (via fame, recognizability) are the ones with the deepest desire to get swept away into solitude.

Milk and Honey Magazine discusses the difference between dreaming and living with intention. Following your dreams is great when you're actually making an effort. Lovely ladies: let's make the most of these lives/bodies Jesus has given us!

Dreams < Intentions

Confession: I have an aversion to the word "dream."

The word itself makes me hum. Without fail, it bleeds into lyrics from Disney's Cinderella"A dream is a wish your heart makes, ..... wheeeen you're fast asleeeep. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing - the dream that you wishhhh, will come truuuuuue."

Thanks, Cinderella. If you need me I'll be sleeping. I've got some fat mice pinching out this article for me.

Milk and Honey Magazine's advice on how to turn unemployment into a job itself! Create a schedule, pray to God, and keep your chin up, lovely girl!


In many ways, this past year has been one of the most life-changing seasons for me. It has definitely been a year full of ups and downs. At the end of September, the paper I was working for ended up closing down, and for the first time in a long time, I was unemployed and unsure of what to do next.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice on overcoming anxiety, worry, and stress through prayer, solitude, a peaceful spirit, and friendly counsel. Trust in God, darling!

Overcoming Anxiety

I bear down on my squeaky office chair and stare at 4 yellow sticky notes that are layered on top of my calendar.  This month looks like 10 four-year-olds went tinsel-ballistic on a Christmas tree; appointments, coffee dates and dentist dates scribbled in pen, circled and scratched out - all woven in with deadlines and due-dates. The sticky notes were an added layer when my calendar space gave up capacity.

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with book author A Fierce Love about becoming a Christ like wife through a troubled marriage. Trust God through all things!

Fixing a Struggling Marriage

The breakdown of a marriage is a hard place to be in, and there's no one who knows this better than author Shauna Shanks. A month before Shauna's 10-year wedding anniversary, her husband dropped a bomb: he wanted a divorce. Instead of immediately giving up and agreeing, Shauna chose to continue loving her husband and fought for their marriage.

Milk and Honey Magazine's questions for young women for self-reflection. God has a beautiful plan for you, dear!


They say the key to wisdom is knowing the right questions! The types of questions we ask ourselves determine the lives we live. Therefore, if we don't ask all the right (and sometimes hard) questions, we'll find ourselves on a road we never anticipated in the first place!

Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!

30 Milestones Before 30

There are few things more beautiful than a girl becoming a woman. Throughout our twenties, we are learning, growing, and shaping ourselves into the women we want to be for the rest of our years. Our twenties are the time to build a solid foundation, and it's a chance to discover what we're really made of. We have the ability to surprise ourselves, and by trying to new things, pushing ourselves to the limit, and edging outside of our comfort zone, we evolve. This is the time to grow our foundation. Although time is inevitable, not everyone makes the most of it.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to start a fashion business through faith in Jesus, determination, and hard work!

Starting a Company

It's always special to see young women of God making their dreams come true. Tiffany Wong did just that, founding the purse brand Velé with her friend, Lauren.

Tiffany has been a fashion buff since she was little, and she pursued her dream without turning back. Let's get to know the fabulous Tiffany and learn from her zeal!

Milk and Honey Magazine's advice on how to trust God through change as a young woman. He loves you!

Yearning for Change

Last week, I went on an epic road trip with some of my best friends from college. For some it was a grad trip; for all of us, it was a celebration of friendship and freedom and the beauty of our surroundings. Together we were closing a chapter of our lives, enjoying one last hurrah as a group before leaving for grad school or jobs in different cities.

Milk and Honey Magazine tips for young women on budgeting their money in a God-honoring way.

Breaking Down a Bad Budget

I don’t know about you, but paying taxes, choosing health insurance, and budgeting weren’t covered in my college skills class. When I graduated from college in 2015, I entered into life with my husband without a good grasp of how to navigate all of our bills, taxes, and other responsibilities.

This year, we’ve committed to breaking bad spending habits. If you use a credit or debit card as your main form of payment (and you probably do), you know how easy it is to swipe your card without thinking twice about it.