Milk and Honey Magazine explains why creativity  is crucial for young women to discover their passions, unwind, and enjoy life! Painting, singing, dancing, writing... find your creative outlet, dear princess!

Creativity ➳ Therapeutic

Creative outlets are king. They help build relationships, learn more about who we are, and connects us to others in intricate ways we can only attribute to God’s design.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains to young women that they are ENOUGH. They are worthy and beautiful int he eyes of Jesus Christ. Trust in your beauty, capabilities, and passions!

Finding Balance

Precious girl, I see you and I’m with you. You love hard and give generously. You dream big and serve well. You are kind yet fierce. You wonder if self love is selfishness, and if you ever do enough. There’s a constant battle between whether you’re doing enough or being enough. And you never seem to win.

Milk and honey Magazine - You are not your body, sweetie. You are so much more! A lovely, grand, fabulous woman of God!

You Are So Much More

There is something the world is keeping hidden from you; a well-worn secret.

They dress it up and flash it in front of you and pretend like it won't spread virally when it catches the wind like a wildflower seed at the first hint of summer.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains the power of affirmations. Biblically, encouragement can be such a beautiful, uplifting practice. Encourage your girlfriends today, lovely princess!

Power of Affirmations

I was first exposed to the power of affirmations from my sister, Mary. I was a freshman in high school and terrified of taking my first final. I woke up the next morning to a post-it note on my bathroom mirror saying, “You can do this, G. You are smart and you are prepared.” Waking up and seeing that note changed my entire day. I believe I passed that exam largely because of the words my sister wrote, boosting my confidence knowing someone believed in me.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice for young women to forgive. Trust in Jesus, beautiful princess!

Forgiveness = Freedom

Forgiveness takes a lot of inner strength. You have to put aside your anger and punishing thoughts and try to understand and calm your mind to see things in a different way. If you go through life unable to forgive, it will eat you alive, kill your happiness and leave you terribly vulnerable.

Forgiveness takes time but will set you free.

Milk and Honey Magazine tips on overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder. Find your happy place, princess!

Beating the Winter Blues

You may have experienced a few days in the winter when the chill sets in, not only in your fingers and toes, but in your mind and mood as well. It’s a little harder to push yourself out of bed when you hear the alarm. It’s a little easier to hit the snooze button a few times. It’s a little more common to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything when you’re headed home from work as dusk falls, or you’re headed to the gym because it’s too cold to jog outside.

Milk and Honey Magazine - It's okay to be confident and have dignity and self-worth, lovely girl. You are a daughter of God!

It's OK to Be Confident

Oh, the joys of being 14. Those awkward years of transitioning from a little girl into a pre-teen, wearing far too much eye liner to my first dance in the school gym, praying my crush would tap my shoulder during Nelly's 'Over and Over'... (such fond memories...)

Milk and Honey Magazine's advice on getting out of the rut and finding your true passion in life! God has a plan for you, beautiful girl.

New Years Resolution

The new year is the best time for transformation; it’s a time to reflect on the past with gratitude, but the most exciting part is to let yourself dream about what's ahead. As young women, we want to become the best versions of ourselves we can be. Milk and Honey Magazine has developed three keys for transformation in 2017. It's time to embark on new journeys and shape our lives into exactly the women we want to be!

Milk and Honey Magazine lists for young women - self reflection questions at its finest!

Know Thyself, Lovely

First and foremost, Merry Christmas from your dear friends at Milk & Honey Magazine. We are gearing up for our womens retreat on Grand Cayman Island! Keep up with the fun on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for updates on our spring retreat!

Christmas and New Years is the ideal time to kick back, share laughs with family, and reflect on the past year. Likewise, it's the perfect opportunity to prepare for the year to come!

Milk and Honey Magazine interview with princess Kylee from A Moment of Magic about helping children by putting smiles on their faces!

A Moment of Magic ♔

There are few things in this world that can put a smile on a little girls face like meeting a princess. Kylee Lauren, New York City based founder of A Moment of Magic (formerly known as the Princess Project), knew she could do just that.

This program equips young women to volunteer at children’s hospitals and schools dressed as some of the world's most popular princesses.