Milk and Honey Magazine discusses how trusting God – even when stranded on a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru with girlfriends during COVID-19 – is possible when you trust God's promises, love, Bible verses, and salvation.

God Delights In You

About a month ago, five friends of mine and I traveled to Peru. We had this trip planned for months and could not wait to see Macchu Piccu and explore the country. Coworkers would say things like “Good luck getting back” and “I would not go if I was you”. I’m someone who does not choose to live in fear, someone who wants to think positively, and I did not get absorbed into the panic. At the time we were leaving, there was 1 reported case of coronavirus in Peru. It was safer to be there than in the United States, or so I thought.

Milk and Honey Magazine provides 5 steps to get over jealousy through prayer and the Bible. Learn how to get over jealousy!

Five Ways Jealousy Steals Your Joy

Jealousy: A third party, a rival, competing for, stealing something that is or should have been yours.

Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to find God's peace, Bible verses, and trust amidst the anxiety and fear of the coronavirus.

Love That Fills the Distance

“Love thy neighbors,” scripture says. (Mark 12:31) It’s instinctual for us to think of community and togetherness.

Hugs. Handshakes. “Healing high-fives” -- as my husband would say.  

But, in times like these (amidst the coronavirus), how do you express that love to others? When tragedy has spread to every corner of our world and our only solution is separation and isolation -- how do we still love others?

Milk and Honey Magazine's 5 prayers to pray as a mother when raising your Children in the Christian faith!

Teaching Your Children About God

I remember the weight of responsibility that I felt when the doctor handed me my newborn babies so many years ago. I had suddenly become responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of a tiny human! I had collected so many thoughts over the years about what I wanted to do and didn’t want to do when I became a mom, those quiet, mental, vows that I’d made to myself of things I would never do and ways that I didn’t want my children to ever feel. To a certain extent, I could control some of those things.

Crate and Cottage blogger and instagramer Rachel Van Kluyve describes the importance of following your passions as a mom and wife and trusting in God - a Milk and Honey Magazine exclusive!

Taking A Time Out

We all have busy lives. People pulling us in all directions. Children, husbands, family, churches and friends all needing us in one way or the other. As women especially, we feel the need to always meet the needs of those around us. It’s in our nature, and while I am thankful for it, it can be exhausting and draining. We seem to forget about ourselves in the process and who we are tends to get buried into the needs of others.

Milk and Honey Magazine Bible verses and examples of creating a summertime reset getaway – through a Bible camp, time with Jesus, or spending time in prayer with other Christians!!

Summertime Reset

Life is chaotic; I think we can all attest to that. Even when we think something isn’t stressful, if we try removing it from our lives for a while and then bring it back, we often notice almost immediately, and tension knots and headaches can slowly re-emerge. Luckily, I've found a reset button... a little piece of heaven with a lakefront every summer filled with my favorite people.

Milk and Honey Magazine knows Jesus Christ has the most WONDERFUL plan for you, pretty girl! Like David and Goliath, Jesus is preparing you for your destiny to promote Him!

You Will Defeat Goliath

My favorite story of the Bible is the true tale of David and Goliath. I'm sure you've seen the storyline; it's been recycled again and again (think Rocky, Forrest Gump, Remember The Titans, Shrek, Mean Girls, even Legally Blonde!) We love to root on the underdog. And in this story – the original – the underdog was David, a shepherd too young for even a learners permit. He held a slingshot and gripped a tight passion for God. If you're unfamiliar, here's the SparkNotes:

Milk and Honey Magazine gives secrets and ways on how to raise your children well! Trust in God, moms!

5 Ways To Rock It As a Mom

It's no surprise to know motherhood isn't a walk in the park. As a new mother, you'll experience struggles, breakdowns (likely both you and your child), and moments where you feel utterly helpless, it usually 'comes with the gig.' But the key to a strong platform as a mother, in essence, is learning to let go of insecurity and walk boldly in humility.

Milk and Honey Magazine advice to love and help a friend or family member with anxiety. Love them and serve like Jesus!

Turning Anxiety Into A Blessing

As I was growing up, the one thing that stayed consistent in my journey with anxiety is that fellow Christians constantly reminded me fear wasn’t from God.

Trading Guilt For Grace

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, aunt, dogmom, niece, cousin, and friend. I’m a lot of things to a lot of people. I’m also an introvert. Dun dun dunnn! That’s not a bad thing; honestly, I cherish that description of myself and was thrilled when I figured it out. I no longer wonder why I crave long runs alone and reading for hours on end or the magic of a road trip, blowing the speakers of my car as I sing along to my favorite songs. That’s how I recharge my battery. The more I recharge, the more I can give out to others in return.