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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Stephen Curtis Chapman daughter-in-law Jillian Edwards on her new single Meadow, her faith in Christ, and her Christian song writing process!
29 Apr, 2020
There are few things more beautiful than seeing a woman in the exact place God wants her to be. Singer/songwriter...
Milk and Honey Magazine - dating and finding love during coronavirus is not an easy feat. It is, however, a wonderful time to seek time, peace, and love from Jesus Christ through Bible study!
19 Apr, 2020
In the span of a few months, coronavirus has seemingly brought the world to its knees by perpetuating illness &...
Sara Hagerty's new Christian book Adore: A Simple Practice for Experiencing God in the Middle Minutes of Your Day, discusses how to pray to Jesus in a real, authentic way!
14 Apr, 2020
For anyone who longs to experience God in the thick of life's demands, Sara Hagerty's ...
Milk and Honey Magazine discusses how trusting God – even when stranded on a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru with girlfriends during COVID-19 – is possible when you trust God's promises, love, Bible verses, and salvation.
01 Apr, 2020
About a month ago, five friends of mine and I traveled to Peru. We had this trip planned for months and could not wait...
Milk and Honey Magazine provides 5 steps to get over jealousy through prayer and the Bible. Learn how to get over jealousy!
23 Mar, 2020
Jealousy: A third party, a rival, competing for, stealing something that is or should have been yours....
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to find God's peace, Bible verses, and trust amidst the anxiety and fear of the coronavirus.
20 Mar, 2020
“Love thy neighbors,” scripture says. (Mark 12:31) It’s instinctual for us to think of community and togetherness....
Milk and Honey Magazine shares Wonderfully Made's version of God's love letter to his daughters!
28 Feb, 2020
My Child,  You may not know me, but I know everything about you....
Feeling lonely? Bible Scriptures from Milk and Honey Magazine to combat loneliness, anxiety, and depression! Girl – JESUS LOVES YOU!
14 Feb, 2020
Everyone, young and old, has felt a form of loneliness in some capacity. Even Jesus, during His time on Earth,...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to feel steady and sure in your Christian faith and trust in Jesus. Do not fear, dear girl, God loves you!
08 Feb, 2020
One of my favorite pastimes is to lounge in cozy coffee shops as I talk to friend, journal...