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Milk and Honey Magazine: Jesus can fill that loneliness, sadness, and emptiness, gorgeous girl. God loves you and will make you feel whole, worthy, and beautiful.
14 Nov, 2017
Hey friend, I know that things are hard right now. You feel lost and directionless. You feel lonely and unwanted. You...
Milk and Honey Magazine article by and for men: is she the one? How to know when and who to marry! Is she respectful, does she love God, and do you find her beautiful?
12 Nov, 2017
I've always enjoyed freedom. I've never been comfortable feeling confined or restricted. I have had a lot of...
Milk and Honey Magazine - traveling can ease your broken heart after a breakup with your boyfriend! See the world and ease any pain! Take time for Jesus alone!
10 Nov, 2017
You've been there, I've been there. Heartbreak is never easy and anyone that has gone through it knows the guilty...
Milk and Honey Magazine lists Christian workout music, how to both pursue fitness and faith, and dressing modestly while working out at the gym to glorify Christ!
01 Nov, 2017
Exercise is an important part of staying healthy and in fact, the Bible has much to say about ...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how valuable you are, dear girl, in God's eyes! His Bible is a love letter showing His love for you!
30 Oct, 2017
Worth: the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or...
Milk and Honey Magazine's list to starting a book club with your friends! Find a book you love, host a book club party, and have fun!
25 Oct, 2017
With so much of the world distracted by Netflix, social media, and the Internet, it can be hard to see the appeal of...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Erin Weidemann, the founder of the book series Bible Belles, on faith, overcoming cancer, and writing her book series!
24 Oct, 2017
Erin Weidemann, creator and author of Bible Belles, is a five-...
Milk and Honey Magazine article: Manly Advice on Waiting for 'The One' for Christian women/men to wait for the right relationship!
16 Oct, 2017
A wise man once said: “When you're young everything feels like the end of the world. But it's not; it's just the...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with author Kristin Schell about her new book, The Turquoise Table, which encourages women to focus on community in their neighborhoods!
12 Oct, 2017
Kristin Schell simply wanted to get to know her neighbors. When she moved to her neighborhood in Austin, Texas,...