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Milk and Honey Magazine explains the power of affirmations. Biblically, encouragement can be such a beautiful, uplifting practice. Encourage your girlfriends today, lovely princess!
27 Jan, 2017
I was first exposed to the power of affirmations from my sister, Mary. I was a freshman in high school and terrified...
Milk and Honey Magazine describes how "almost relationships" almost always end badly. Wait for a man who pursues you, darling, just as Jesus Christ pursued the church. You are worthy, beautiful girl.
26 Jan, 2017
“Almost relationships” can hurt just as bad when they end as real ones. The last few months I’ve been reading blog...
Milk and Honey Magazine advice for young women to forgive. Trust in Jesus, beautiful princess!
23 Jan, 2017
Forgiveness takes a lot of inner strength. You have to put aside your anger and punishing thoughts and try to...
Milk and Honey Magazine advice for overcoming hurdles of life. Trust in Jesus, sweet girl.
19 Jan, 2017
Sometimes, life is just too much. My day has been hard. My long weekend has...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with TV Host beauty Molly Argue on faith, fitness, and fashion! What a role model!
17 Jan, 2017
Most of us wouldn’t consider chatting with Tyra Banks, Christina Ricci, Chad Michael Murray, or Isabela Moner to be “...
Milk and Honey Magazine relationship advice for young women. Love yourself, God, and others! Find your passions!
13 Jan, 2017
Before I met my husband, I dated a few guys in college who just weren’t right for me. There were highs and lows, and...
Milk and Honey Magazine tips on overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder. Find your happy place, princess!
12 Jan, 2017
You may have experienced a few days in the winter when the chill sets in, not only in your fingers and toes, but in...
Milk and Honey Magazine - It's okay to be confident and have dignity and self-worth, lovely girl. You are a daughter of God!
11 Jan, 2017
Oh, the joys of being 14. Those awkward years of transitioning from a little girl into a pre-teen, wearing far too...
Milk and Honey Magazine encouragement to young women to follow Jesus. God will guide you!
09 Jan, 2017
Late one afternoon, I was sitting in the lobby of this trendy hotel in Nashville, sipping a vanilla latte, reading...