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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with the author Kendra of Here Goes Nothing: An Introvert's Reckless Attempt to Love Her Neighbor! She explains the importance of faith, courage, and love in this Q&A!
10 Aug, 2017
How does an introvert love her neighbor? That's the question that Kendra Broekhuis--newly returned from living...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Barbara Rainey, the founder of the Christian shop Ever Thine Home. Barbara discusses her book, Letters to My Daughters: The Art of Being a Wife.
09 Aug, 2017
Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it's not always easy! ...
Milk and Honey Magazine article with author Lauren Miller on her new book All Things New about overcoming anxiety and stress with help from Jesus!
04 Aug, 2017
Struggling with anxiety/panic is hard enough, but as Christians, there’s an added level of stigma attached to it: as...
Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with a mother who endured miscarriage. Stephanie offers hope, Bible verses, advice on how to comfort those in the midst of miscarriage, and how to cling to Jesus.
03 Aug, 2017
A loss of a child is considered one of the deepest pains, regardless of a child’s age. The pain of what would have...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview with book author A Fierce Love about becoming a Christ like wife through a troubled marriage. Trust God through all things!
27 Jul, 2017
The breakdown of a marriage is a hard place to be in, and there's no one who knows this better than author...
Milk and Honey Magazine wants you, lovely girl, to CUT the distractions and find a simpler way of living. Bask in God's glory instead of tirelessly building your own!
25 Jul, 2017
For the longest time I thought I needed to be more organized. Then I realized I just needed less stuff....
Milk and Honey Magazine's questions for young women for self-reflection. God has a beautiful plan for you, dear!
24 Jul, 2017
They say the key to wisdom is knowing the right questions! The types of questions we ask ourselves determine the lives...
Milk and Honey Magazine milestones before age 30 for young women!
21 Jul, 2017
There are few things more beautiful than a girl becoming a woman. Throughout our twenties, we are learning, growing,...
Milk and Honey Magazine will you pick up Jesus's call to you about how to live life? He has plans to encourage, love, and teach you. God will guide you, sweet girl!
18 Jul, 2017
I'm guilty of ignoring calls on my iPhone. Sometimes I don't recognize the number, sometimes I'm busy at work,...