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Milk and Honey Magazine weekend New York City girlfriend getaway travel tips! Where to shop, eat, workout, and hotels to stay at!
07 Sep, 2016
Weekend getaways with girlfriends are always a good idea. It's an opportune time to kick back, laugh too hard, splurge...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains the difference between friends who elevate and friends who just associate. Are your friends helping you achieve your goals? God has a plan for your life, don't let friends bring you down! Your dreams and goals are yours for the taking with the help of Jesus!
02 Sep, 2016
Who we associate ourselves with plays a major role in our productivity. You may say you were...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Christian author Shauna Niequist about her new book, Present Over Perfect! Check out her other books: Bread & Wine, Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Savor!
22 Aug, 2016
After finding herself exhausted, isolated, and sick, author ...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Robby Hayes from the reality TV show, the Bachelor, about finding love, his fitness/diet, his dreams and plans, and his 10 year goals!
09 Aug, 2016
Waiting for Robby to call, I found myself getting those butterflies I had as a ten-year-old girl when my crush walked...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Natalie Grant on her new book Finding Your Voice! Natalie shares her passion for Jesus Christ, her hopes for her daughters, and even her health/fitness tips on losing weight and keeping it off!
08 Aug, 2016
Natalie Grant is a woman who wears many hats...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Nashville country singer Danielle Lauderdale about fitness, health, faith, love, and her singing career!
05 Aug, 2016
Having met plenty of pretty, uber successful women, I'm always impressed to meet gals who also harbor a humble, loving...
Milk and Honey Magazine's travel tips on trusting in God's plan! Dancing in the chapel is A-Okay, honeybee! ;)
17 Jul, 2016
As part of my healthy-ish lifestyle, I try to fit some excercise into each day. Running and hiking are my favorite...
10 Jul, 2016
Lauren Bushnell literally glows. As the winner of ABC's The Bachelor, Lauren is engaged to the fawned over...
Milk and Honey Magazine encourages readers to choose a missional word to serve as their focus for the year. Restore, peace, joy, gentleness; anything that points to Jesus Christ!
26 Jun, 2016
Restore. What does that word stir up in you? For my husband and me, it was the missional word for our home...