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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Hollywood actress, model, and dancer on how to live for Jesus on the big screen.
27 Mar, 2016
Often, young women in showbiz treat themselves as eye candy or a prop, placing all their marbles in their "beautiful...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how to read the Bible so it speaks straight to your heart through the words of Jesus!
27 Mar, 2016
Growing up, I always felt the need to have a boyfriend. Once I accepted Christ as my personal Savior three years ago,...
Milk and Honey Magazine's book suggestions for Christian women needing a relaxing novel!
27 Mar, 2016
“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”  - CS Lewis...
MIlk and Honey Magazine explains how young women don't need to advertise themselves. Leave it to Jesus!
26 Mar, 2016
"Godly women could care less if a man overlooked them. They don't jump in every guys face to be noticed....
Milk and Honey Magazine's advice on how to be a Godly, loving, lovely woman on faith!
26 Mar, 2016
Figure out the type of woman you want to become, and then become her. I'm single. I...
Milk and Honey Magazine's interview with Miss Arizona USA on life, faith in Jesus, and and marriage!
25 Mar, 2016
Brittany Dawn, recently married to equally accomplished Anthony Kennada, has quite the résumé for being in her mid-...
Milk and Honey Magazine's reasons why to NOT settle on Mr. Wrong! Wait for Mr. Right, the one Jesus has for you!
25 Mar, 2016
I'm a total foodie, so naturally one of my favorite things to do is cook. Not so much bake – but cook. I love cooking...
Milk and Honey Magazine wants young women to be set apart for God!
25 Mar, 2016
The religion of this world is conformity. That being said, it's sometimes hard living as a 24 year old gal trying to...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews two bachelors on want they want in a wife!
25 Mar, 2016
Our staff at M&H often hear women ask: Where are all the nice, dateable guys hiding? Where are the Godly men,...