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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Los Angeles fitness beauty Charlotte Mooney on her favorite Bible verses, workout tips, health recipes, and life philosophy!
03 May, 2016
Professional fitness instructor and personal trainer Charlotte Mooney is an inspiring young woman. The mid-twenties ...
Milk and Honey Magazine's perfect Malibu vacation! The best hotels, restaurants, green juices, and shopping in Malibu!
01 May, 2016
Malibu, California is the quintessential cozy beach town, and it doesn't hurt that it's dripping with Hollywood...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Miss America contestant Paula Kuiper on faith, helping others, and the inside scoop on the pageant world.
29 Apr, 2016
For almost every young woman in the country, any notion of the Miss America pageant immediately floods the mind with ...
Interview of the delightful Bailey Hurley on faith in Christ, love, and the journey of life.
28 Apr, 2016
Have you ever met a woman who immediately inspired you? Where you saw something captivating... a glow from within?...
Milk and Honey Magazine thinks failure is okay!
26 Apr, 2016
"I think it's important you have a good failure when you're young." - Walt Disney...
Milk and Honey Magazine compares young women to beautiful, blooming flowers.
25 Apr, 2016
“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zen Shin...
Milk & Honey Magazine's life tips on bettering every day!
24 Apr, 2016
Life is difficult. How we handle the difficulty, however, is what sets us apart as Christians! The apostle Paul was...
Milk and Honey Magazine's insight on worshipping God alone.
20 Apr, 2016
Finding security in oneself is a tricky thing to do. As humans, we are always falling down. When I look back on some...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews pageant winner on life, love, and faith.
17 Apr, 2016
It's no question that Britani D'Alie is strikingly beautiful. When D'Alie walks (or glides, rather) into a room, eyes...