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Milk and Honey Magazine - you are capable of being your own person, lovely girl. God has a plan!
16 Apr, 2016
Flashback four years ago. My dear Alpha Phi sorority sister and I were in Calabasas, California enjoying a yummy...
Milk & Honey Magazine's travel tips for Chicago!
09 Apr, 2016
The Windy City, the city of Big Shoulders, the City that Never Sleeps ...all of...
Milk & Honey Magazine's in-depth look at the Bible book of Ruth. There is always hope!
07 Apr, 2016
It’s easy to praise God when we see blessings in our lives. What’s not so easy is remembering...
Milk & Honey Magazine interviews Christian acai bowl cafe owner on life, faith, and business!
06 Apr, 2016
The Palo Alto-based beauty Sarah Lipps is young (mid-twenties!), uber healthy, and incredibly business oriented -...
Milk and Honey Magazine paleo diet tips and recipes! Paleo donuts, paleo bison burger recipe, and paleo lifestyle interview!
05 Apr, 2016
Grace Runk is a real-life Malibu Barbie. Grace is gorgeous from the inside out - with her name fittingly describing...
Milk and Honey interviews travel couple on Europe vacation tips!Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Couples Coordinates on the best destinations to travel as a couple in Europe, best hotels in Europe, best cities in Europe, vacation tips in Europe, how to live in Europe!
03 Apr, 2016
Married couple Michael and Alexandra do not take their dreams lightly. Infact, they don't stay dreams for long - they...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews on real Disney Princess on how to audition and become a Disney Princess at Disneyland/Disneyworld!
03 Apr, 2016
It's pretty safe to say (just about) every girly girl has had a dream at one point or another to become a Disney...
Milk and Honey Magazine explains how dress can portray inner character.
03 Apr, 2016
Oh, isn't it so, so easy to spend a full hour lying in bed scrolling through instagram? I mean, they've got stick thin...
Milk and Honey Magazine gets the details on the perfect Hawaii vacation from expert travel guide Chelsea Tom!
31 Mar, 2016
"Be the aloha you wish to see in the world." Growing up in Hawaii, this was always one of my favorite quotes...