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Milk and Honey Magazine interview with Alli Worthington on her new book: The Year of Happy!
28 Sep, 2018
Feeling busy? Worn out? Unhappy? And just plain stressed? Alli Worthington to the rescue! ...
Milk and Honey Magazine - the benefits of mission trips mean much more than just travel. Read about our mission trip tips!
25 Sep, 2018
God changes our perspective when we dive into “waters” we've not yet seen before, like seeing people in different...
Milk and Honey Magazine - find joy in your routine of life, darling girl.
24 Sep, 2018
I’m not sure when or how it happened, but I recently found myself in a quiet season. Following a busy and bustling...
Milk and Honey Magazine interview and book review on The Ministry of Ordinary Places with author Shannan Martin!
18 Sep, 2018
Author Shannan Martin offers us gals who are longing for a more meaningful life a simple starting point: learn...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews Christian singer Ellie Holcomb on her new children's book 'Who Sang The First Song", her love story orchestrated by Jesus, and her favorite Nashville spots!
17 Sep, 2018
Ellie Holcomb is not just a pretty face or a famous radio star – more importantly, she's a strong follower in...
Milk and Honey Magazine, stop comparing yourself to that pretty, skinny girl on instagram. Instead, compare yourself to Jesus, darling!
15 Sep, 2018
Comparison – one of our worst enemies. So often, I hear myself saying, "I want that."...
11 Sep, 2018
To say that moving to the city for the first time is intimidating would be an understatement....
Milk and Honey Magazine tips to grow closer to Jesus. These tips will give you a better, happier, more peaceful life!
06 Sep, 2018
One of the most popular questions I have been getting lately is one I don't have a straight answer to. When I read ...
Milk and Honey Magazine - when being called fat while online dating, Morgan learned the importance of self-love for your body. You are not fat, you are beautiful.
04 Sep, 2018
A few days ago I got bored so, as any twenty-something, single woman does, I opened one of the dating apps on my phone...