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11 Sep, 2018
To say that moving to the city for the first time is intimidating would be an understatement....
Milk and Honey Magazine tips to grow closer to Jesus. These tips will give you a better, happier, more peaceful life!
06 Sep, 2018
One of the most popular questions I have been getting lately is one I don't have a straight answer to. When I read ...
Milk and Honey Magazine - when being called fat while online dating, Morgan learned the importance of self-love for your body. You are not fat, you are beautiful.
04 Sep, 2018
A few days ago I got bored so, as any twenty-something, single woman does, I opened one of the dating apps on my phone...
Milk and Honey Magazine creates the ultimate fall / autumn adventure list! Enjoy the fall season with these fun seasonal ideas, recipes, and adventures!
03 Sep, 2018
Leaves determined to recalibrate their color, local cafes baking apple pies at assembly-line speed, and Ugg-boot...
Milk and Honey Magazine interviews author Stasi Eldredge, writer of Defiant Joy and Captivating, on how to overcome depression, find joy in Jesus, and make the most of each day!
31 Aug, 2018
Walking in joy often feels crazy and like a denial of actual life. Yet Christians are called to "be joyful always" (1...
Milk and Honey Magazine combines faith in Jesus with working out, fitness, and self-confidence!
30 Aug, 2018
I’m just like you. I have stretch marks, a few extra pounds, maybe a few muscles that could be more toned, cellulite [...
Milk and Honey Magazine - serve your husband in a Christlike manner. Pray, study the scriptures, and love your husband in practical ways!
24 Aug, 2018
One year ago, my husband and I would routinely sit in our living room with hot morning coffees and begin the day ...
Milk and Honey Magazine first date questions to ask so you never have an awkward first date again!
22 Aug, 2018
Your brother knows a guy with a cousin that would be perfect for you. You add each other on Facebook, send a couple...
Milk and Honey Magazine - your belief in Christianity, that Jesus died for your sins, DOES matter, princess! Faith is essential!
20 Aug, 2018
Does what I believe in really make a difference? When reading this question...