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You Were Made For This

When learning about the new identity and calling that the Lord has placed you in is an exciting, fascinating, and terrifying thing. All wrapped into one, it is ever-changing and ever-growing, leaving you in awe of God’s detailed design. For me, becoming a wife and mother has forever been my dream since I’ve been a little girl. And while I love it beyond words, my goodness is it truly humbling. Days you feel on top of the world, others you feel like your barely coming up for air. It is amazing how quickly from moment to moment you can feel the drastic shift from utter confidence to momentary defeat.

With every new birth and chapter started, there is a sense of rebirth and fresh start to the next journey. When you become a wife, your priorities shift to merge you and your partner’s lives together as one. You become a team, supporting and caring for one another deeply. Then, when you decide to grow your family, your lives are quickly flipped upside-down, in the best way possible, to take care of a life that the Lord has gifted to you.

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